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Currently we provide palliative care support in the largest cancer care hospital and at Bangalore’s hospice. We also support the Indian Cancer Society. There is a host of volunteering activities that you can do.

Setting up a home care program is amongst our future plans. We are looking for volunteers who can set up and drive our Home care program.

You can help patients directly or indirectly.

At present Sanman volunteers provide healthcare care support at any of these organisations in Bangalore.

Kidwai Cancer Institute (Near Dairy Circle)
Karunashraya Hospice ( Marathahalli)
Indian Cancer Society (ICS)
Rangadore Dialysis Hospital (Chamrajpet)
Bangalore Baptist Hospital (Hebbal)
St. Martha’s Hospital (Hudson Circle)

Your time can make a difference. Spend just 2 hours a week on volunteering with us. Do read through the areas of help at each healthcare organization.

We guarantee that you will get back more than you give!

Kidwai Memorial Oncology Institute, Bangalore

The patients at Kidwai are typically from poor families and you can help through:


the patients and directing them to the various departments and services available at the hospital. You will need to be a trained counsellor for this.

Coordination for blood requirements

Connecting patients with blood donors at the time of need.

Raising funds for medicines, medical equipment and treatment

for people in genuine need who do not have access to government funding programs.

Helping the administrative staff

(file retrieval, writing of railway passes, etc.) when they are overloaded with work.

protein mix

Providing protein mix for patients.

Documentation and assistance

Documentation and assistance at cancer detection camps.

Visiting with patients and lending a listening ear

Many patients face social ostracism and loneliness. They also have a lot of worries which they hesitate to share with family members – burdens which they simply want to talk about. Don’t worry if you can’t provide solutions, just a loving sympathetic presence can ease their pain. Several patients If you know Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali or Hindi your value add will be immeasurable, don’t worry if you don’t, pain and sympathy both communicate without words.

Training and supervising student volunteers

from educational institutions across Bangalore.

Children’s Ward

There is an informal school run by the Samiksha Foundation in the Kapur Children’s Ward at Kidwai. Volunteers can help with reading stories to children, organizing activities such as painting, singing, playing games and so on.

Diversion Therapy

The hospital is trying to organize monthly entertainment programs for patients. If you can arrange a one hour program and fund a tea/juice for the patients, this would alleviate their stress and forced inactivity and distract them from their pain.

Manning the helpdesk at the lobby of Kidwai

The hospital helps patients with the procedures to get railway passes. Helping patients to fill out the forms is a good way to start talking to them, at the same time being of practical help. Once genuine needs are shared, our volunteers can do an assessment and offer support in the form of medicines, biopsy needles, blood and blood products and so on. We do not give money directly to patients – rather, we make a deposit in the patient’s name at KCDF (Karnataka Cancer Drug Foundation) which operates in the hospital premises. Patients can get their medicines from here without paying for them.

Logistics coordination at Kidwai

Patients also need help in getting directions to various parts of the hospital, help with registration procedures, wheelchair mobility, etc.

Karunashraya Hospice, Bangalore

  • Conducting games, organizing craft making, any group activities with patients and nursing staff.
  • Assisting in the Charity Store at Karunashraya for helping to sort out the donated items and for help in stalls during charity sale events.
  • Handling PR activities such as managing BHT stalls during corporate events, raising funds during philanthropic events on behalf of Karunashraya.
  • Manning  the front desk, any data entry related activities, any stock checking activities and assisting in gardening work
  • Preparing medical kits for the patients and assisting in grooming activities of the patients like combing hair, cutting nails, etc.
  • Assisting in the hospice kitchen, like cutting vegetables, washing dishes, etc.
  • Partaking in house-keeping activities.

Medical Camps by the Indian Cancer Society (ICS)

  • Assisting in the ICS detection Camps, usually on Saturdays or Sundays – may be a little out of Bangalore, transport is provided for these camps.
  • We need volunteers to register patients and for data entry and follow up.
  • Assisting in data entry for the updating the registration records and pap smear reports in the database. This activity can be done from your home or you can volunteer at the ICS premises in Bangalore.

Rangadore Dialysis Hospital (Chamrajpet)

Helpdesk assistance

Bangalore Baptist Hospital (Hebbal)

Helpdesk assistance
Home care

St. John’s Hospital

Providing funds to poor patients

St. Martha’s Hospital (Hudson Circle)

Helpdesk assistance

Vydehi Hospital (Whitefield)

Helpdesk assistance
Bengali Volunteers

Offline Palliative care support

If you would like to be of help offline, you need to become a part of the Sanman WhatsApp group where patient needs are posted.

Coordination for Blood Donation

There is always a need for blood donation. We have a Support Group that acts on blood donation requests posted on our Whatsapp group.

Marketing the products

(plastic bags, newspaper covers) made by the patients and caregivers during the occupational therapy sessions organized by the Ramakrishna Mission.

Make and contribute protein mix

Protein is an important food needed by cancer patients.

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