About Sanman

A main focus area for Sanman, is providing palliative care

Sanman (roughly translated to mean ‘respect’) is a growing network of individuals and professionals in Bangalore who offer their services voluntarily to provide support and help to the existing network of palliative care organizations and also to assist families and patients for curative, palliative and end-of-life care. This is a free, voluntary service. Sanman is based in Bangalore.

A main focus area for Sanman is palliative care which is the holistic care given to patients facing a life limiting disease or a chronic debilitating illness and improving their quality of life. It is about adding life to their remaining days and eventually allowing a good, peaceful, and dignified natural death. Sanman also provides support to the patients’ families, who are the primary caregivers.

Palliative care

Palliative care is a human right, but in India the coverage of palliative care is less than 3% and in a recent ‘quality of death’ ranking, India is 67 among 80 countries evaluated. This dismal state needs to be reversed, with the inherent strengths of family, faith, and community.

Curative Care

Another key area is assisting patients who have illnesses that can be cured. Eg. Children and adults who are diagnosed at an early stage of cancer are given support to get treatment and are then sent home. They are provided support by our volunteers for follow up medical check-ups and treatment if necessary.

Our Volunteers

SANMAN volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization and come from all walks of life.

Sanman members are typically administrators, teachers, home makers, college students, corporate employees, professionals like lawyers and more.  Many are doctors, nurses and paramedics by profession, or those with an interest in healthcare, or studying towards a professional healthcare career.

Strategic Objectives

    • Setting up of a database of volunteers and facilitating their service so that maximum use is made of their time.
    • Setting up of a database of blood donors and making blood available round the clock for patients in need.
    • Supplementing more existing organisations and institutes with palliative care support by spreading awareness and providing and organising direct support.
    • Moving into the sphere of home care so that patients who have been sent home with palliative care instructions are monitored and supported.
    • Helping families and patients with physical, emotional/psychological, social and spiritual support.
  • Mobilising funds and other resources to help needy patients.

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Healthcare institutions we volunteer at

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