Project Blood

Building a Donor Database

You could build and maintain a database of blood donors or register to be a donor yourself. Blood is a daily necessity and a drain on a patient’s finances. Currently most of our blood requirement is for patients at the Kidwai hospital and most of them are needy patients and from different parts of India. We need large numbers of donors, particularly between 9 and 12 a.m. which is when the Kidwai Blood Bank draws blood.

Blood Donation made at other times will be to private Blood banks which will charge the patients for their services and products.

You could also volunteer to contact blood donors when a need for blood is expressed.

Organisation of blood donation camps

You could help us to organise a blood donation camp at your place of work, residential community, social club, place of worship like church, temple, mosque etc. Just connect us to the contact person and our team handling Blood Donation Camps will set up the camp.

Blood Handbook

To Donate funds or donate blood/organise
a blood donation camp

Call: Jacob Chacko M: 9341235616 E:

We are looking to increase our volunteer base for active volunteer support and funding to support some of our Volunteering programs. We would also like to increase the kind of volunteering activities of Sanman which will be possible only if we are able to increase our volunteer base. Regular training workshops are held for enhancing volunteering efforts.

So join us to make a difference. Donate to save lives. Spread the word.

CSR – Partner with us

Here’s how we would like to partner with your organisation.

  • We can organise regular Blood Donation Camps at your offices.
  • Volunteering on Weekends/Holidays with any of our Support Groups.
  • Help us Create Awareness Talks at your Organisation about Cancer/Other chronic diseases and how Palliative Care will help.
  • Sponsor poor patients’ medical treatment at the hospitals or hospices that we work with.

Call: Sneha Titus Mobile: +91 98860 84816 or Email:   

Call: Sridhar P Mobile: +91 99729 33600 or Email: 

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