Partner with Us

Partner with Us

You can choose which Hospital and area of Volunteering you would like to help in. You can even suggest an area of volunteering that you would like to do. We encourage you to spread the word and bring friends and family for Volunteering with Sanman.

At present most of the funding we do is at Kidwai due to the large amount of needy patients at Kidwai Cancer Institute, Bangalore. Currently more than 2000 patients a month are helped on at Kidwai alone and hence we need to extend our volunteer network and raise more awareness on palliative care and other healthcare support and resource requirements.

Personal Donation

 Your personal donation will go a long way in helping us help patients with costly medical treatment for cancer and dialysis.  Details are given Here.

Blood Donation Coordination

You can help identify places or organisations where Blood donation camps can be conducted…..Read more

Funds Mobilisation

Medical treatment for illnesses like cancer, dialysis etc. is rather expensive, hence mobilising funds for the different aspects of medical treatment is a dire need. You can help raise funds for needy patients.

Home Care

We would like to extend our volunteering activities to Residential communities and create volunteer teams for Home care. You could help us with either setting up a team or being part of a Home care team.

Helping at Hospitals

Sanman collaborates with many Healthcare institutions in Bangalore. Activities at each institution are listed below to help you choose the area of help that interests you….Read more

Corporate Outreach for CSR

We would like to reach out to Corporates to conduct Awareness programs and mobilise Funds and volunteers for Sanman’s activities.

Trained Counselling

You can do the Certificate Course by the IAPC which our Medical Experts conduct and become a trained counsellor. A lot of Palliative care patients and their families need professional counselling in dealing with their medical problems and the trauma of the whole experience, including bereavement counselling in case there is a death of a patient.

Schools and Colleges Outreach Program

You could help spearhead this program or be part of it. To organise Awareness programs about palliative care at schools and colleges and mobilise Volunteers. We could have a certificate program for Interns and Volunteers from Schools and Colleges as part of their Community Work, especially for students who will be going overseas for higher education.

Training for palliative care

We conduct 2 kinds of Training programs in two stages.

  • The First Program -Awareness Program which is a 4hour training session
  • The Second Program – 12-hour training on weekends
  • On successful completion of the total 16hours training you will receive a National level certificate by the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC)
  • Certificate Course which is an intensive 16 hour course held on weekends. Upon successful completion of the Certificate course, you will get a Certificate from the Indian Association for Palliative Care, (IAPC).

Volunteers are trained by doctors, including from the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) faculty and other hospitals under the leadership of Dr. Stanley C. Macaden, Honorary National Coordinator for Palliative Care programme of CMAI, Ex-Director (CEO) Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bengaluru and Dr. Prabha Seshachar, Senior Specialist, Palliative Medicine and In-charge Community Medicine – Kidwai Cancer Institute .

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