Curative care

What is Curative care? And How is it different from Palliative Care?

Curative care is a medical treatment to treat the symptoms and cure the ailment or control a medical condition. An example of curative care is antibiotics for an infection; where the medication is designed to eliminate the bacteria responsible for the infection, allowing the patient to achieve full recovery. Curative care options may include medication, the use of medical devices and other measures like physical therapy.

Persons diagnosed early on for a disease like cancer can get cured and will need check-ups once in 6 months.

Palliative care is available to anyone with a life-limiting or chronic illness, not just cancer patients. People living with dementia, or degenerative conditions can access palliative care.

Currently we have Sanman volunteers helping the child patients in Kidwai Cancer Institute in Bangalore. Children are from the Kapur ward (which is a special ward for child patients), Anikethana (non BPL patients), Emergency ward, Medical and Surgical ICU and the Dharmsala ward.

The children come for cancer treatment, get cured and are sent home. Most of the children who are admitted here for treatment have leukaemia which is curable.

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